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Don't let your next breath be your last. 

1 to 4 players - 40 to 90 minutes


In BLACK MOLD you are an escaped prisoner trying to find your way out of a subterranean prison compound. Black fungal growths coat every surface of these corridors, emitting black clouds that poison the air. To avoid breathing the toxic mist, you must constantly try to limit your breathing. This is simulated in the game by limiting the length of your turn to how long you're able to physically hold your breath.

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*This is an early prototype copy. some components may change. 

black mold

Game Features

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a Tense, "co-op till it's not" survival  horror escape.

Work together or don't, there are many ways to explore, survive, interact and escape. With rasping fungal thralls lurking in the darkness, the other prisoners? You can trust them...until they die and become changed. 

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